This striking peak is the largest of The Old Hills. Legend has it that beneath Thunderspire lie the ruins of an ancient underground city. Whether that is true or not a group of wizards known as the Mages of Saruun have opened a trading post within a cavern beneath the mountain. Merchants traveling along the Trade Road between Fallcrest and Hammerfast sometimes take shelter there.

Beneath the stormy peak of Thunderspire Mountain lies the Labyrinth, an ancient, ruined minotaur city. For over two decades, an order of wizards called the Mages of Saruun has controlled the Labyrinth’s upper levels, creating a relatively safe haven called the Seven-Pillared Hall. Here, underground denizens come to trade with the mages and with a small number of surface-dwellers who are in the know. Humans, halflings, dwarves, duergar, goblins, orcs, troglodytes, and others come to the hall to barter under the watchful eyes of the Mages of Saruun and their towering minotaur constructs. The mages have one rule in the Seven-Pillared Hall—maintain order. Visitors who leave the safety of the hall and venture into the Labyrinth do so at their own risk. For in the darkness of the Labyrinth, all bets are off and the truce enforced within the Hall has no bearing.

Recently there has been an outbreak of demons and undead coming from withing Thunderspire. Paldemar, a renegade Saruun mage has turned to worshiping Vecna, the evil god of necromancy and secrets. He has formed an alliance with the Blackfang Gnolls and is behind all of the corrupt activity that was going on throughout the Labyrinth. The Blackfang Gnolls recently succeeded in bringing the Well of Demons under control of the Demon Lord Yeenoghu and with that power, the rest of the labyrinth. Paldemar controls all of this power and will soon be strong enough to emerge from Thunderspire.



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